We help you build a smarter future with IT.

Demand more from your IT systems!
Our expert team supports your organization in designing, implementing and operating a total IT architecture tailored for your needs.

Water Stream Tech

We are experts in IT infrastructure for businesses and public-sector organizations.

We provides solutions that fuse technology, creativity and values.

Water Stream Tech offers a full range of hardware and software from the world’s top technology companies. Our team of specialist consultants has technical certifications and system integration skills to design, implement and operate solutions for even the most complex IT requirements. As a result, we help customers solve problems and get maximum productivity from their investments.

We always stay on the cutting edge of IT, so that our clients maintain their competitive advantage online. We have our own developers and technical producers.

WST works with customers to manage the opportunities and challenges which technology presents. We do this by offering a full range of IT infrastructure solutions from the world’s leading technology companies.

Our team of consultants helps customers design, implement and operate complex IT solutions, using “best of breed” components from multiple vendors. This way, IT infrastructure is optimized for a customer’s requirements. Information technology becomes a source of inspiration and productivity, rather than a challenge to be managed.